How to save YouTube videos to camera roll Android

How save YouTube videos to your camera roll (For Androids) ️. Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new feature

To view the downloaded YouTube videos, you need to tap the folder icon in the lower left corner on the screen and then go to Downloads. To move the downloaded YouTube video to Camera Roll, you need to tap the three-doc menu and then select Copy. Follow the wizard to copy the video to the Photos app If you wish to save it to your phone's camera roll, then go to the saved video section and click on the information (i) icon. From here, just tap on the option of Save to camera roll. In no time, the selected video will be saved to the camera roll

Save the video to camera roll. If you want to save the downloaded videos to your iPhone/iPad's camera roll, please tap Videos option to visit the saved videos. Then tap the red icon i besides the name of video and then tap Save to Camera Roll option when it pops up the options like Delete, Rename, Add to Playlist and etc Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid this, cancel and sign in to YouTube on your computer. Cancel. Confirm. Switch camera. Share.

How save YouTube videos to your camera roll (For Androids

Originally Answered: How do I save YouTube videos to camera? Use TubeMate app in your smartphone. You can easily save Videos from YouTube In PC you search in Google as savefromnet It is simple to download a YouTube video on android and save it for watching offline later. You need a Wi-Fi or data connection to browse YouTube but that isn't always possible, especially when you're on a plane or at the university How To Download a YouTube Video and Save it To Your Camera Roll in iOS 13 ! Watch later. Share. Copy link. Info. Shopping. Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your. If you wish to save it to your phone's camera roll, then go to the saved video section and click on the information (i) icon. From here, just tap on the option of Save to camera roll . In no time, the selected video will be saved to camera roll **Update November 2013! Looks like this app has been pulled from the App Store. If you were able to download it, do NOT update! ----- Grab this app while you can! ProTuber (free, universal) allows you to download YouTube videos onto your Camera Roll. This is a feature that I have discussed during my review

Tap to unmute. If playback doesn't begin shortly, try restarting your device. You're signed out. Videos you watch may be added to the TV's watch history and influence TV recommendations. To avoid. I was using CameraRoll.addBitmapData() call but that converts the bitmapData to a JPEG and all transparency is lost. And also, the image is being heavily compressed. So I would like to save a PNG with transparency to the camera roll directory. I'm using Adobe AIR 3.6 and testing on Android 4.latest on a Google Nexus 7 Source: How to Download YouTube Videos to Your iPhone Camera Roll. Step 4: To save the video to iPhone's camera roll, just go to the saved video section and click on the i icon besides the name of video, then choose the Save to View full conten To save YouTube videos to iPhone Camera Roll, you need to click on Videos on the left. Here you can find various videos on your iPhone. Click the Add icon to transfer YouTube videos from your local hard drive to iOS device. If you have the need to copy YouTube videos from another iOS device, you can directly connect both devices to this software Open a video that you wish to download and tap the Download button on the bottom of the post, next to the Share button. It would open a sharing menu, tap the download button next to the video. It would prompt you to select a location, tap Save to Photos, and allow access to the Photos app


How to download YouTube videos onto an iPhone or Android device 1. The video can be found on your camera roll. MORE : YouTube bans Trump for 'minimum of seven days' after deadly Capitol riots Tap Save to Camera Roll (iOS) or Save to Gallery (Android), if saving to your storage. Otherwise, select Dropbox. Choose your preferred resolution, followed by Continue. (Android only.) The video will be saved to your phone's storage, and you will find it in the Videos folder of your phone's photos app, or to your Dro Tap Save to Camera Roll to save a copy of your Twitter video to your iOS device's Camera Roll folder. How to Download YouTube Videos on Your Android Device. How to Use Microsoft's OneDrive on Every Device. How to Save Videos From Facebook. How to Mute Twitter Users and Create a Muted Words List In this post, let's take a look at some of the options to quickly save Instagram videos on Windows, iPhone and Android devices. How to Save/Download Instagram Videos on Windows. While Instagram allows you to easily save your own videos, it doesn't provide a straightforward to save videos posted by others

How to Download YouTube Videos to Camera Roll

From the selection prompt, select Save to Photos(Camera Roll) and depending on the size of the video, it'll take few seconds for import to take place. That's it! This is how you can copy video from videos to camera roll. Let's how sharing will take place: How to Share Home Videos on iPhone: Step 1: Launch Photos app on your iPhone How to Save IGTV Videos to iPhone and Android. Quick Links: How to Save IGTV Videos to iPhone Camera Roll; How to Download IGTV Videos on Android; As mentioned above, IGTV does not allow videos to be downloaded or saved offline, but there are multiple apps for both iPhone and Android that will enable you to do so Open the Coach's Eye app. Tap on Videos on Device. Tap on the video you wish to export. Tap on the Share icon. Select Export from App. Tap on the Photos icon. Your video will be saved to your camera roll on your device Find the video you want to download, and on the video page, click the Share icon located below the video (an arrow pointing to the right). In the Share video window that opens, tap the Copy option to copy the video URL

How to Save YouTube Videos to Camera Roll - dr

  1. There are a lot of apps which you can use to download videos from the YouTube App. U can just search it on the Play store/Appstore and get the required app. But , the.
  2. If you are also a OneDrive for work or school user, select the appropriate Camera upload account. Set Camera upload to On. To include folders such as Screenshots, tap Additional folders and switch on all the folders to be included to your Camera roll. To make sure videos automatically upload, turn on Include videos
  3. In this folder, you should the YouTube video. To save the video to your Gallery or Camera roll tap on the video. Tap on the 3 dots icon at the top right and select Export. Now, tap on Save Video

How Do I Download YouTube Videos to Camera Roll

  1. Watch and download your favorite YouTube videos and songs using the FVD - Free Video Downloader app. Do it in the background. This will allow you to use other applications simultaneously with the download. You no longer need to spend Internet traffic on watching videos. Just download it once and browse as many as you like
  2. From there, scroll down past the big first piece of the workflow — where it looks at the URL of the page you're on, figures out if it's a YouTube video, locates the video file, and prepares it for sharing or saving — then, tap on Camera Roll or All Photos in the Save to Photo Album action down at the bottom
  3. Install 4K Video Downloader. Once the 4K Video Downloader setup file finishes downloading, you can install it by doing the following: Windows: Double-click the setup file, click Yes when prompted, and follow the on-screen setup instructions.; Mac: Double-click the setup file, verify the installation if necessary, click and drag the 4K Video Downloader app icon onto the Applications folder.
  4. Step 1 Open YouTube, find the video that you want to save, you can play it for checking the source so that you can make adjustment earlier.. Step 2 Run Screen Recorder, choose the recording area. Turn on System Audio while turn off Mircrophone Audio to get a clear video audio. Step 3 Click REC to start the YouTube video recording. After that, you can preview and save YouTube to computer.

Click the Save video option to download the video. This will initiate a download of the video, which will be saved to your camera roll under TikTok Okay, let's have a look at different ways of downloading IGTV videos to a Smartphone. 1. Using the Siri Shortcuts app to Download IGTV Videos. iPhone owners who have iOS 12 installed on their devices can download the Shortcuts app and use it save IGTV videos to the camera roll Open WhatsApp on Android /iPhone, Settings>Chats>Save to Camera Roll. Or when you want to save videos/photos from a group or some friends, open the chat window, tap the contact's or group's name to open the Contact Info or Group Info entrance, where you can enable the Save to Camera Roll setting to the folder you like Tap on the video you just downloaded. Tap Save to Camera Roll. You can then find your video in your Photos app

Email-ready videos can be downloaded directly into the camera roll. Tap on the file to open it in the preview window. Then, select the Save icon, the first one next to the video title. You also have the option to save the video to Google Drive or send it to other destinations such as Files via the share button on the far right Hence, your selected photos and videos will be transferred to Documents app's local storage. Next, we need to save the same photos / videos to the Camera Roll (Recently Added on iOS 8) folder. Step 1 Open the Documents app on your iOS device and go to the location where you have saved the specific photos and videos. Step 2 Tap on the Edit button in the top right corner, and select the files you want to transfer into Camera Roll. Step 3 Tap the Copy icon in the bottom left corner

Videos shared by your friends through Wechat can be saved to your phone easily. To do that, simply tap to play the video in full screen mode, then long press the WeChat video received in WeChat to display the Save to Phone or Save video option and save it to your Gallery or Camera Roll on Android phones or iPhone The section that you'll be using is the Post section. This is where you can send a photo or a video from your camera roll as a normal snap. Select Post to upload a photo/video from your camera roll to the app. 5. Select the camera icon and use your saved post Find the video you want to save or download. Tap on More settings at the upper right (three-dot icon). Select Copy Link. Step #2:Download the video to your phon

How to Save YouTube Videos to Camera Roll - YouTub

Tap and hold the video you want to save to your camera roll. Export the video or picture to your camera roll to save it. Devon Delfino/Business Inside Click the AirDrop icon or drag and drop the video icon on the Mac's AirDrop icon and the file will be sent directly to your Camera Roll as a video for viewing whenever you want. The Finde

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Open the Hudl Technique app and tap the red Record button. This will take you to the video recording screen. Tap the Import option in the bottom right to open your camera roll. Select the video you want to import. Once you've selected the video, tap Import. You will then be able to tag your video and finish the import If you currently have a story posted to your profile, you can save that story to your camera roll. Tap the Stories bubble in the top-left corner of the screen to take you to your current story Upload Video from a Mobile Device Camera Roll (Mac) Recording in a mobile device's camera app isn't the best workflow. Click here to learn how to save time by recording in the Hudl app

2. Find the photo or video you wish to download from Google Drive. 3. Once found, tap on the 'three vertical dots' icon underneath the image. 4. Now tap on Send a copy Click the Save Video option to save it to your phone. Hard Way Tap the share icon at the bottom right side of the screen, and multiple options will appear How to Save Videos on WhatsApp on Android. If you're using WhatsApp on an Android, you've likely noticed that there's no way to save individual videos from your chats. This is actually because WhatsApp automatically saves videos to your.. Let's see second method to save video from the messenger. 2. How do you save a Video from Messenger to Camera roll Using the Friendly for Facebook App. There may be a number of apps available to save videos and photos from the messenger. We need to consider the trusted apps only. Here one such kind of app is Friendly for Facebook

How to save my YouTube videos to my camera roll - Quor

6. Update Google Photos App. If the Save to device option is missing, you must be using an older version of the app. We suggest updating the Google Photos app from the respective stores on Android. With apps and games getting bigger and more memory-hungry every year, storage space is at a premium. High-definition videos and photos of innumerable pixels certainly don't help the matter, either. Sometimes, the things that can soak up our storage the most are things we're not even aware of. The longer we use our phones, the faster these megabytes pile up and encroach on our device's storage. To make a GIF from a YouTube video, use Kapwing's Convert Video tool. Here is a step by step tutorial: Step 1: Paste URL to YouTube Video. Open Kapwing's Convert Video tool and paste the URL of your YouTube video that you want to convert to GIF. Kapwing supports all videos shorter than 30 mins and smaller than 500 MB, and there's no watermark

How To Save Youtube Video on Android? - CompanionLin

4. Use an app to save Instagram videos. The easiest way for you to save an Instagram video to your phone in order to repost and share with your users is with a third party app. The good ones will allow you to easily download videos from another user's feed or Instagram Story (again: as long as you have their permission) The Camera Roll folder is created by the Camera app. Windows previously didn't have a dedicated Camera app but as of Windows 10 that's changed. All photos you capture via the Camera app are saved to this folder. You can't delete it because the app will add it right back. What you can do is you can move it to a different location Save iPhone Video to Camera Roll. To save the downloaded YouTube video to iPhone camera roll, follow these steps. Open the video which is in Pages folder. Find the 'Share' icon at the left bottom corner and tap on it. You will see 'Save Video' option and tap on it to save the YouTube video on iPhone camera roll. That's pretty much it Watching videos on iPhone is a common thing nowadays and Instagram is the hub for finding videos of all sorts. You'll find funny videos, movie trailers, workout videos, and much more. If you use Instagram, then at some point there must have been a video that you wanted to save to your iPhone and share with friends on other apps Save YouTube videos to your iPhone for offline viewing. Presto! There's your file. You can view it from within Documents 5, or move it to the Camera Roll. If you want to do that,.

I hope the above methods helped Android and iPhone users to stop WhatsApp from saving pictures to Gallery or Camera Roll or disable auto-downloading of media. If you have faced any issues while following the above steps, do let us know via comments To view the video, open the Files app on your iOS device and go to the VLC player folder. The video will be there. This video is on your device but it is NOT in the camera roll. If that isn't a big deal, you're done but, if you want to move the video to the camera roll, you can. It's just one more step However, this doesn't mean you can't save an ongoing crime from the doorbell camera if you wanted. Yes, you can save the ongoing live footage and very easily. How To Save Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription. Usually, almost every smartphone has a function that allows you to record the screen Once the video is opened in a new tab, right-click and select 'Save Video As.' Change the file name as per your wish, select the download location, and click Save on the popup window. 4. Using browser extension. Add 'Download Facebook Videos' extension to your chrome browser. Confirm when asked

Instagram has launched a new feature dubbed Reels, which is basically a clone for making TikTok-style short videos. In this article, we tell you ways to download Instagram Reels on your Android. Camera2 works on Android 5.0 (API level 21) and higher. Your application has a job to do, and integrating videos is only a small part of it. You want to take videos with minimal fuss, and not reinvent the camcorder. Happily, most Android-powered devices already have a camera application that records video. In this lesson, you make it do this. Untick Save posted photos. And there you have it. Easy steps on disabling Instagram photos from saving to camera roll. As you may have noticed in the original photos pane You'd see an option like save posted videos You can as well untick or toggle off to stop Instagram from saving videos to your camera roll How to Save Snapchats to the Camera Roll. This wikiHow teaches you how to save your snaps to your phone's Camera Roll before you send them out, and how to save the snaps you receive. Open Snapchat. This is the yellow box with a white ghost.. 4. Tap Camera Roll or Save Image. 5. Go back to the main Snapchat screen. 6. Tap your profile photo. 7. Tap the gear and select Memories. 8. Tap Import Snaps from Camera Roll. 9. Select snaps and tap Import Snaps

How To Download a YouTube Video and Save it To Your Camera

Well its very simple to record videos in android by using this simple code First on a button click simple start an Intent Intent takeVideoIntent = new Intent(MediaStore.ACTION_VIDEO_CAPTURE); if (takeVideoIntent.resolveActivity(getPackageManager()) != null) { startActivityForResult(takeVideoIntent, CAMERA_REQUEST_CODE_VEDIO); For saving videos using HD Video Downloader, all you need to do is select the video that you wish to download, then select HD Video Downloader and that's it! The video will get downloaded on. Launch the app and tap on Select Videos and choose the desired video from Camera Roll or Albums. The selected video will now be listed under Select Files page. Tap on Optimize Videos, and wait for compression process to complete With the YouTube app, android users have an easy way to grab and upload videos to YouTube directly from their mobile devices. Simply hit on the video camera button, record the clip and the app will upload your recording to your YouTube channel on the background You can also find options such as Save Video, Copy, and Save to Files, among other options. Export to Camera Roll Tap this option to export the video to the Lightroom album in Camera Roll. Export to Files Tap this option to find files on iCloud Drive, Creative Cloud, and those on your mobile to save the video to

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  1. Well, It's not a pipe dream. So how to make a ringtone from a YouTube video? Here's the simple how-to trick. And a professional tool is also recommended. Simplest Steps to Convert YouTube to Ringtone for Android and iPhone. To get started, a user-friendly but powerful indispensable YouTube ringtone converter is needed
  2. Save a photo or video to your camera roll. Open the Google Drive app. Next to to file you want to download, tap More. Tap Send a copy. Depending on your file, tap Save image or Save video
  3. Once you got the eligible YouTube video for Instagram on your Android phone/iPhone/iPad, the file should be already placed on your Camera Roll, so you just need to open the Instagram and tap on the + icon on the bottom of Instagram app
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Scroll to the option Save to Camera Roll. Click 'Never'. This process will need to be repeated for each contact or group where you want to switch the automatic downloads off With it, you can not only download YouTube videos but also grab videos from other video hosting sites like Facebook, Vimeo, etc. It supports a variety of video formats, such as MP3, MP4, 3GP, AVI, FLV, MOV, and more When you're ready to post to your Instagram Story, simply open the Later app on your smartphone, navigate to the media library, and save the photo or video to your Camera Roll by tapping the ellipsis button in the upper right hand corner of your screen and selecting Save to Camera Roll

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  1. I want to upload a video file to Instagram. I have converted the file from .MOV to .MP4, added it to iTunes, and successfully transferred it to iPnone (sync movies) I can successfully play the video on iPhone. How do I move this to Camera Roll, so that I can upload to Instagram
  2. This article will show you an example about how to use intent to invoke android camera programmatically to take and save pictures. It will also tell you how to display those pictures one by one when user click one picture. 1. Invoke Android Camera Using Intent Example Overview. As you can see from above GIF How To Open Camera In Android Programmatically Using Intent Read More
  3. Type the album name and tap Save and then Done. Step 3: Go into the album you want to add photos from camera roll. Hit Select at the top right corner and then Add button at the bottom. Step 4: Select which photos from the Camera roll that you want to add
  4. Tap the Back arrow on the top-left corner of the screen, and configure the other two settings: whether you want to upload pictures to OneDrive only while your Android device is charging, and whether you want the backup to include videos alongside pictures
  5. Next, you need to tap the download button, and then select the option to 'Export video To Camera Roll'. Of course, you can also use any of the web based options mentioned above if you prefer. Save.
  6. Apple's Workflow app can download YouTube videos and save them to your Camera Roll, your Dropbox, or open them in any app you like
  7. Step 1: Select the conversation to which the video was sent, then open the link (not the video). This will take you to the original location of the video on Facebook. Step 2: Now you have to copy the video link. Tap on the Share button, then tap the link icon at the top of your iPhone screen

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  1. Step 2: Open the video which you wish to save to your device. Step 3: Tap on the Share button in the bottom right corner, then press Copy Link . The video's link will be saved to your iPhone's clipboard
  2. Here, open up a website called savefrom.net and paste the video URL link copied from Facebook app and tap on the button to decode the video link. Depending on the video, you might get the option.
  3. Tap on the video name you just downloaded and select Save to Camera Roll. Give the app permission to do so when prompted. You can also download videos from any other platform such as Youtube by simply entering a Youtube download website link in the Browser tab and the Youtube video link on the respective website
  4. Free from the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, the Giphy app lets you capture video or upload clips from your camera roll to turn into a GIF. Here's how to make a GIF from your mobile device

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Tap Chats to enter the main interface of Chats and then turn off the Save to Camera Roll feature. How to stop saving WhatsApp photos to Android phone's Gallery If you are using an Android device and want to stop media files including pictures and videos from all individual chats and groups being automatically saved to Gallery folder, you need to disable the Media visibility feature The Microsoft OneDrive app for mobile is an extremely effective app for both backing up photos and consolidating photos and videos from all your devices to a single place. Let's review how it. Mail: Choose Mail to import the video in the built-in Mail app. Address the email as you would any other email and send it. YouTube: Share your new video on YouTube by tapping that button. When you do that, your iPhone automatically formats the video for that site and posts it to your account (this requires you have a YouTube account, of course)

How to download Facebook videos on a PC. What you should choose from below depends on how frequently you think you're going to do this. If it's a once-in-a-blue-moon thing, choose the website route Record a video using the Camera option, or pick one of the videos from Camera Roll using Photo & Video Library option. You'll be taken to the video editor screen. Trim the video using the slider, such that the video duration is 6 seconds or less. A GIF/Video toggle will appear on the top-right corner Moreover, the app ensures privacy as it does not save any user data nor use any services that analyze your usage behavior. How to download YouTube videos on Android using NewPipe There are a few ways to save videos on Facebook to your phone or computer, whether you're bookmarking videos or looking for options to download them

Snapchat opens right to the camera, so you can send a Snap in seconds! Just take a photo or video, add a caption and send it to your best friends and family. Express yourself with Filters, Lenses, Bitmojis and all kinds of fun effects. SNAP • Snapchat opens right to the camera. Tap to take a photo, or press and hold for video Camera Roll is the perfect Gallery App to enjoy your photos, gifs and videos. Fast, Simple and intuitve Camera Roll features a simple and intuitve interface, that doesn't get in the way. This App is designed around speed and performance. Delightful Animations This Gallery App will delight you with its awsome and beautiful Animations. Exif Dat To transfer photos from Android to flash drive, actually, you can first transfer the photos from Android to computer, and then copy the pictures to your flash drive. However, most of the photo transfer tools can only help you transfer photos stored in the camera roll, you can choose to transfer all photos at once, or find needed pictures in different folders, kind of time-consuming Use EasyDownloader to save Instagram photos, videos. If you want an easy way to grab photos or videos from Instagram on your Android device without rooting, check out this app

From the camera tab, tap the Memories icon (the overlapping photos) under the Camera button, then tap Camera Roll. To edit your photo or video, tap the three dots in the upper-right corner and select Edit Photo (iOS) or Edit Snap (Android). Save the photo or video to your Snapchat Memories, send it to a friend, or post it as a Snapchat story Messages on iPhone doesn't automatically add the photos and videos shared by family and friends to your photo library. We show you how to save iMessages photos to your Camera Roll - and the best. Once you disable the option of Save to Camera Roll in WhatsApp on your iPhone, it will stop auto-saving images in your photos app. But later on, when you find some photos are worth storing, what will you do? Just stick to your decision of clutter-free Photos app and save your iPhone storage for long-term usage Untoggle the Save to Camera Roll option. Android. Alternatively, if your iPhone supports 3D Touch, simply hard press on the photo or video clip and swipe up to reveal the Save option.

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