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REQUIRED FIELDS - CRIMINAL FINGERPRINT CARD If any of the Required Fields are left blank, the card will be rejected without further processing unless there is a quoted FBI number. Every effort.. Do not use highlighters on fingerprint cards. Do not enter data or labels within 'Leave Blank' areas. Ensure fingerprint impressions are rolled completely from nail to nail Fingerprint Impressions. All data entered on fingerprint cards must be typewritten or legibly printed, utilizing black or blue ink and must not exceed the boundaries of the designated field (block) Fingerprint Card Instructions. These are general instructions for filling out standard FBI FD-258 fingerprint cards. Consult your employer or requesting agency for industry specific instructions for ORI and Reason Fingerprinted entries. Type or print all information in . BLACK INK. Do not bend or fold the fingerprint card Contact a local law enforcement agency to schedule a time to be fingerprinted. Bring an identification card to the appointment. A fingerprint technician must perform the fingerprints and sign the card in the appropriate area. The person being fingerprinted must sign the card in the presence of the person who takes the prints

Submitting Your Fingerprint Check Request To The FBI. To get started, you're going to need to complete the application and obtain your set of fingerprints. Then you'll need to submit a payment to the FBI, along with your application and wait for the results to be returned Instruction Sheet for Completing the Fingerprint Card 1. The complete name of the subject is to be listed as indicated: Last name, First name, and Middle name. Please ensure the name is legible if written. 2. Signature of the subject being fingerprinted is written here. 3 The FBI will accept FD-258 fingerprint cards on standard white paper stock. You must provide a current fingerprint card. Previously processed cards or copies will not be accepted

Personal Descriptors for FBI/DCI Fingerprint Cards February 2018 PERSONAL DESCRIPTOR CODES FOR FBI/DCI FINGERPRINT CARDS 1. Race A-Chinese, Japanese, Filipino, Korean, Polynesian, Indian, Indonesian, Asian Indian, Samoan, or any other Pacific Islander B-A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Afric When paying by credit card, include the Credit Card Authorization . use the standard FBI Fingerprint Form (FD-258). 30 Sep 2016 All data entered on fingerprint cards must be typewritten or legibly printed, utilizing black or blue ink and must not exceed the boundaries of the Center (NCIC) Code Manual can be used as a reference for codes of various. See figure 3 on page 17 for an example of a Civil Fingerprint Card (FD-258). FD-258 (Rev. LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES IN FINGERPRINTING APPLICANTS. ****Read ALL instructions before filling out your fingerprint card**** These are general instructions for filling out standard FBI (form FD-258) fingerprint cards. Consult your employer or requesting agency for industry specific instructions, ORI number and Reason Fingerprinted entries. Printable Instructions ***Type or print all information in BLACK OR Blue INK. Do not bend or fold the fingerprint card

  1. You can order cards from the ATF Document Distribution Center by completing the Document Order Form. When filling out the form you should check the box that says Fingerprint Cards. Then, select FD-258 LE - NFA, Imports ORI WVATF0800 from the list of choices, as the other choices have the incorrect ORI number (we'll cover ORI later)
  2. type or print all information in black fbi leave blank. last name. nam first name middle name. aliases. aka. date of birth. dob. month day year sex race hgt. wgt. eyes hair place of birth. pob. leave blank. citizenship. ctz. your no. oca. o r i. class ref. fbi no. fbi. armed forces no. mnu. social security no. soc. miscellaneous no. mnu. signature of person fingerprinte
  3. This video shows how to fill FD 258 card to submit fingerprints to FBI, USA About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new.
  4. al Report Request and Mailing Checklist form. This form is required with all orders. When paying by credit card, include the Credit Card Authorization form. If you would like your order sent directly to an attorney, you must include the Attorney Release
  5. Attach a copy of the payment summary to your fingerprint cards and mail the both documents to the Bureau at P.O. Box 989002, West Sacramento, CA 95798. Failure to attach a copy of your BreEZe payment receipt to your fingerprint cards could cause a delay in the processing of your fingerprint cards. FINGERPRINT CARD FEE PAYMENT BY MAIL . You may pay the DOJ-FBI hard card fingerprint processing fee with your application fee
  6. Step 1 Fill out the fingerprint card using the instructions and codes from the last section. Step 2 Clean and prep your hands. You don't want dirty, oily, or greasy fingers as the ink will smear and smudge. If you think your hands are dry, use a lotion to soften the skin so your fingers roll easily

INSTRUCTIONS DO NOT FOLD CARD. Please type or print in black ink. Fill in the following blocks completely. 1. Signature of Person Fingerprinted Place your signature here. 2. Residence of Person Fingerprinted Place your address here. 3. Date Date fingerprints taken. 4. Signature of Official Taking Fingerprints The official taking the fingerprints should sign. 5 back of the attached card. The instructions for filling out the identification and arrest information are provided on the following pages. Please refer to a sample of the arrest fingerprint card in Appendix A. After recording all pertinent information, detach the fingerprint card. Enter the data and fingerprints i FBI Identification Record Request scroll down to the section titled. How to Request a Copy of Record. (You will need to print the cards on card stock - This link will give you instructions on what you need to do and where you need to send the fingerprints to). 1. Complete cover letter. If for a couple, family, etc., all persons must sig

How to Fill Out an FBI Fingerprint Card Career Tren

• Common errors that delay the processing of the FBI federal criminal background check fingerprint card include submission of an incomplete FBI fingerprint card and poor quality of fingerprints. • DO NOT BEND OR FOLD THE FINGERPRINT CARD. • The fingerprint technician and you will complete the Fingerprint Verification Form included herein Call your local police department, sheriff's office or check for names of private agencies where you can obtain fingerprints. (The agency you use must validate your identification with a driver's license or a State issued ID. The agency will provide the fingerprint card for you to use Go to FBI Report Requirements and click Overview to access the FBI Report page. Step 2: From the FBI Report page, click the FBI Fingerprint Card & Instructions link located under The Resources. Print and follow all of the instructions to request your FBI Background report from the Kentucky State Police (KSP) Do not use more than two retabs per fingerprint impression block. Ensure no stray marks are within the fingerprint impression blocks. Training aids can be ordered online via the Internet by accessing the FBI's website at: fbi.gov, click on 'Fingerprints', then click on 'Ordering Fingerprint Cards & Training Aids'

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